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ENOCHDYE famous brand under EMPEROR CHEMICAL.It is special dyestuff manufacturer group in china
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Emperor Basic Dyes:

Emperor basic dyes are basically hydro-chloride or salts of organic bases. Which are in-soluble in water but it becomes in soluble form when treated with alcohol or methylated spirit. Basic dyes dyeing are carried out in acidic form.Dyeing process for different fibers are varies.

Emperor Basic Dyes and its application in dyeing and printing process are fascinating.Jute fiber and its generated products are treated with basic dyes.

Properties of Basic Dyes:

Emperor can produce very brilliant shade color as well as good fastness properties.

Emperor Basic Dyes are water insoluble but soluble in alcohol and methylated spirit.

Emperor Basic Dyes are comparatively cheap in price.

Emperor Basic Dyes are applied in acidic condition.

Emperor Basic Dyes are hydro-chlorides or salts of organic salts.

Emperor Basic Dyes are suitable for jute dyeing and jute printing but wool, acrylic fibers also can be dyed by basic dyes.